Carl Sontheimer founded one of the United States largest and renowned home appliance company in 1971 called Conair Corporation, Cuisinart a brand owned by the Conair Corporation, this manufacture and distribute world famous Cuisinart cookware sets to the global market.

#1 Cuisinart CI755-30BG Oval Covered Casserole


As all known Cuisinart cook wares are one of the leading brands in the cookware industry from the establishment in 1971. Company always try to produce more closely products to the market demand with modern life styles. And they guarantee on the use of best quality materials and lifetime healthy cooking.

Heat Conductivity

This is another excellent casserole. It has been made from cast iron which means that it retains the heat efficiently. 

In addition to this, it will distribute the heat accordingly so you can cook whatever you wish.

Casserole can be used in any kind of sources including induction, oven, broiler or stove. This casserole is safe at the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cusiniart casserole’s Porcelain enamel exterior strengthen the durability of the casserole and the colours are available in different styles which mean that it’s suitable for whatever décor you may have.

Cleaning and Care

As well as, the porcelain enamel exterior is strong and resistant for numerous years. Even though it has a coating, you don’t have to worry about chipping and scratches. These casseroles are compatible with the dishwasher as well.


  • PROS
    • The model is broiler safe
    • The material is dishwasher safe and easy to use
    • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
    • It’s suitable for heat up to 500-degrees
    • The model is lightweight
  • CONS
    • The material is prone to rust
    • The customer service could be improved
    • Its prone to change color

#2 Cuisinart CI670-30CR Chef’s Classic


Cusiniart Chef’s Classic Casserole has been created from a cast iron which means that it retains the heat and it distributes it evenly. This model came with mainly two colors of Cardinal Red and Provencals Blue.

Chef Classic’s Exterior designed with Porcelain, has a strong and durable finish that will resist for numerous years to come. 

Porcelain enamel interior does not impact on the flavor of the casserole and its ideal for the cooking.

Heat conductivity

This casserole is suitable for any kind of cooking including induction, oven and broiler. As well as, you will enjoy the fact that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the taste of the food.

Ease of maintenance

And especially it’s dishwasher friendly product. According to the users, they are commonly use soft cleansers to wash the cuisiniart casserole. Additionally, it will be impossible for the food to stick.


The wide cast iron handles will provide you with a comfortable and secure grip so you can rely on it regardless of how heavy it is.

The limited lifetime warranty shows that the company stands strong with their product. Furthermore, you can also be covered in case of any damages.


  • PROS
    • It’s oven safe for up to 500-degrees
    • It’s compatible with an induction stovetop
    • It’s dishwasher safe
    • Available in numerous colors
    • Suitable to be used for serving
  • CONS
    • The enamel coating is prone to come apart
    • Suitable with wooden cooking utensils only
    • Customer service could be improved

#3 Cuisinart CI670-30BG Round Casserole


Made out of cast iron, this Cuisinart Casserole dish with lid is capable of retaining and evenly distributing heat which makes it economic in terms of electricity usage while consuming less time for preparation. 

Porcelain enamel interior and exterior make the dish immune to absorbing cooking odours while retaining the looks that would go with your kitchen decor.

The Cuisiniart dish can be safely used with stovetops, ovens, as well as broilers which makes it a versatile kitchen companion and rich exterior makes it ideal for serving as well.

Clean-up process that follows meal preparation or serving is also made easy with this dishwasher safe kitchenware.

However, being made out of cast iron makes the dish weigh more and a little difficult to handle when filled up to its capacity of 7 QT. 

For your ease in transporting when cooking or serving, the cuisiniart round casserole dish features two wide handles fashioned out of the same material to provide a comfortable and a secure grip.