GreenPan Lima Non-Stick Ceramic Covered Casserole​

Here is one of the best casserole dishes regarding quality, durability and functional efficiency. It is manufactured by a reputable brand of non-stick cooking utensils named GreenPan.

This sturdy dish is made with exclusive attention to style and strength. It is perfect for making all your Casserole recipes. GreenPan developed this casserole dish to enhance the support for the health – conscious cooking.


GreenPan Casserole Dish allows to any kind of heat sources including ceramic, electric, gas, oven and broiler. 

The integration of ceramic non-stick coating makes the cooking easier, and it is entirely safe to use. 

You can enjoy cooking in low oil, and the best thing is, it does not release any kind of harmful fumes upon overheating.

Besides, the Aluminium body with stainless steel handles backs its high longevity and provides excellent heat conduction. The ergonomically designed handles are added for easy grip, and these are oven-friendly as well and lids holds heat up to 420 °F.

Manufacturer highly recommends to clean the casserole dish by using hand wash although its dishwasher safe. You can use the pan in the oven and on stovetops.

If you want to purchase a long-lasting pot for hassle-free cooking experience, this is what you need.

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