Romertopf by Reston Lloyd Natural Glazed Clay Cooker, Round Casserole​

Check out this German-made, beautifully hand-crafted clay baker manufactured by Romertopf Germany. Manufacturer uses only finest clays from the Germany and contains no lead or cadmium.

This round shaped pot is best for making the delicious roasts and number of other delicious recipes. It has 2 quarts capacity will serve for 2-4 peoples, and the side handles added provide a comfy grip. The bottom is glazed which helps in effortless cleaning. It is microwave friendly, and you can serve the food in it as well.


The best thing about this model is that it intensifies the natural taste and retains the mineral, vitamins and other food nutrients.  The food can be cooked in its natural juices inside the pot and you not need to add any additional fats or oils.

To make the best use of this casserole dish, soak the top before starting your cooking. A significant amount of water will be absorbed by the lid which can create a stream blanked to help you get a flavorful meal. 

Purchase this handmade casserole dish now and enjoy making flavorsome meals.

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