In the year of 1925 Le Creuset was founded in Fresnoy-le-Grand France, a strategic location for the iron, coke and sand. From the beginning Le Creuset highly focuses on the strength and durability of their cookware products made by the cast iron. Especially the company include heritage inspirations when they designing and producing the Le Creuset casserole.

#1 Le Creuset Heritage Stoneware Covered Square Casserole

Heritage Stoneware Covered casserole is another successful product of the famous French Le Creuset company.

This small 2 ½ QT Le Creuset casserole dish is made out of stoneware and is capable of even distribution of heat and is resistant to extreme temperatures, making it less energy efficient when used for preparing or even heating up pre-cooked meals

This dish can be used in ovens, microwaves, broilers, freezers, and cleaned with a dishwasher.


The upward curved fluted grips on each side make it easy to grip and transport. The lid made out of the same material is capable of containing heat and moisture which makes it perfect for entertaining as well.

It is also available in a number of colours to choose from to match your existing set of dishes. The enamel finish helps to keep it from chips, scratches, and cracks while offering safety for even cutting on with knives. The interior is nearly non-stick and easy to clean.

The dish retails in the lower end among the ones featured here and is justifiable given its small size.

#2 Le Creuset Enameled Heart Casserole

Le Creuset is a company which is famous among the people for the premier cook ware products and company is famous for introducing more innovative and different designs to the casserole dish market.

This heart-shaped casserole dish is designed to serve the loved ones or give away as a gift.

The small size of 2 QT makes it perfect for a couple. The cast iron body and lid promote heat retention and even distribution.

The dish can be used with ovens and stovetops and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.


This Le Creuset casserole dish features a couple of upward curved side handles with fluted design for better grip. The smooth interior enamel keeps the dish from gaining stains over time and prevents sticking that will make the cleaning process easier.

The dish is priced somewhere in between all the options listed here.

#3 Le Creuset Oval Stoneware

Heat Conductivity

Le Creuset Stoneware casserole absorbs and maintains temperature evenly and keeps for a long time. It can keep any place you like and safe for freezer, oven, microwave and broiler.

What’s worthy to mention is the fact that it can resist under temperatures up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit. But these stoneware casseroles should not use in the stovetop or any other direct heat source.


Cleaning and Care

The inside of the Le Creuset casserole has been coated which means that it’s impossible for it to scratch. As well as, it’s impossible for it to catch cooking odors or flavours. Manufacturer always instructs to keep 2 ½ inches between the rim and the casserole dish when using the broiler.

It is scratch resistance and easy to clean. When casserole using first time it should wash in hot, soapy water and rinse and dry thoroughly. Even after using day to day cooking, dish should keep cool for a few minutes before wash in using the dishwasher. And you can use plastic brush or sourcing pad to clean the dish.

This oval casserole has a capacity of 4-quarts. Due to its design, you can use it for baking, roasting, and broiling. Thus, you can use it for a wide variety of dish/casserole recipes including sheet cake, lasagne, vegetables and roasts.

In addition to this, it has grooved handles that will offer you a secure grip and easy to hold.


  • PROS
    • You can use it with a wide variety of cooking utensils
    • You can store it in the freezer and refrigerator
    • It resists chipping and scratches
    • Suitable for a variety of casserole recipe
    • The handle is comfortable
  • CONS
    • It’s heavy
    • Each product isn’t individually tested before being sent to the customers
    • The handles are prone to damage under an extensive weight

#4 Le Creuset Stoneware Covered Rectangular Casserole

The stoneware casserole dish with lid is hard to melt at high temperatures with the compromise being less energy efficient.

The material also blocks absorbing moisture while also stands against cracking, rippling, and crazing.

It is suitable for use with freezers, microwaves, ovens, boilers, and dishwashers. The nearly non-stick interior makes the cleaning process easier while the exterior enamel acts as a scratch and stains resistor.


The dish is capable of holding up to 2.75 QT of liquid and is available in a wide selection of colours, making it possible for you to choose the ones that matches your kitchen and double it as a dish for serving as well.

This casserole dish is moderately priced and offers value for money.

#5 Le Creuset of America Enameled Cast Iron Buffet Casserole

This oval shaped cast iron casserole dish complete with a dome shaped tempered glass lid is capable of retaining and evenly distributing heat from gas, electricity, halogen, induction, oven and even an outdoor grill.

The premium-looking dish is capable of holding liquid up to 3 ½ QT and  is available in a variety of colours you can choose from.

The interior and exterior enamels improve the durability of the dish while making it more resistant to chipping and cracking.


The glass lid is capable of withstanding heat up to 425̊F and the whole unit is dishwasher-safe for cleaning. It is moderately priced and its size makes it the perfect companion for a regular family for everyday use. Checkout this Le Creuset casserole dish with lid on amazon now.

#6 Le Creuset Signature Enameled Round French (Dutch) Oven

The feature that makes this stand out from the rest is the large, spacious handles the dish packs that can be easily and securely gripped with oven mitts.

The cast iron material helps retention and even distribution of heat, making the dish eco-friendly in its lower energy consumption required to prepare meals.

The enamel coating on both interior and exterior makes the dish resistant to wearing, sticking, stains and suitable for stovetop and oven use while complementing your kitchen with its rich looks.


This 5.5 QT Le Creuset casserole dish requires no seasoning before use and offers dishwasher-safe cleaning standards for your ease after use.

However, all these features that add up one by one to be designed for your convenience makes the retail price climb up. The dish lies among the more expensive options available for purchase today.

#7 Le Creuset Signature Enameled Braiser

This cast iron round casserole dish is capable of holding up to 3¾ QT. Available in a wide variety of colour choices, you can pick one that goes best with your existing kitchenware.

The design material is capable of superior retention and even heat distribution to transform chunks of meat and vegetables into tender, mouth-watering dishes.

The dome-shape of the lid assists this process by continuous circulation of flavour and heat.

The interior and exterior enamels help the casserole dish withstand minor wear, chipping, and cracking.


This dishwasher-safe casserole dish is capable of handling heat off of multiple sources ranging from ceramic, electric, gas, halogen, induction, outdoor grill, to ovens.

The spacious loop handles offer comfortable and secure grip for transporting the dish. Can also be doubled as a serving or entertaining dish as well.

However, the price might keep you from getting one of these.