Mepra Copper Pans​

Mepra offers and produces world leading innovative cookware with their unique Italian designs and by using the high quality materials. There are provides their products to the world’s leading restaurants and hotels, here now you have chance to buy premium quality Mepra glamor stone casserole for your table.

Unfortunately Mepra Copper Pans not availble in Amazon. Check more Mepra Products.


Heat conductivity

Maintaining the heat is important factor to consider when preparing the food. Specially in baking, it is important to the maintaining the heat evenly throughout the baking process and ability to handle the high heat.  

Mepra glamor stone casserole made with unique combination of the copper exterior, Aluminum Separator and Stainless steel inside. Copper is the best heat conductor after the silver and allows optimum heat conduction.

Interchange of the heat between copper and stainless steel inside passed out by the aluminum separator and this help to keep precise temperature for a long time.

Mepra Glamour stone Casseroles are suitable for any kind of heating source such as electric, gas, halogen, ceramic and oven. This casserole dish does not suitable for induction but fit with other energy sources.

Most of the professional chefs prefer Mepra copper casseroles for their restaurants and kitchens, because the appearance of the cooper casserole dishes reflects the genuine professionalism within their kitchens. Especially this casserole dish designed accordance to the traditional look to keep the traditional flavour of the casserole lovers and adapt to different traditional casserole recipes.

Avoid stickiness

Lid and the handle of the casserole made up with the stainless steel to prevent the stains and protect from the damages. 20cm diameter creates more space and capacity in the pan and its only 2.88 pounds weight.


Ease of maintenance

Proper cleaning is essential for sustaining of the casserole dish and quality of the foods. Most of the times artificial acids reacts with the copper and other materials. You can minimise these reactions by using natural acids such as lemon juice or buttermilk and little salt. Lemon work over the stains, you can scrub the mixture of these on the casserole and keep it for fifteen minutes and rinse it off to get proper and clean look.

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